Meet nicky 

Nicky’s journey to discover her roots was sparked by the tales of her grandfather, Nick, known as “The Major”. As a child, Nicky was separated from her father’s side of the family due to her parents’ divorce. Years later, after relocating to New York City, she reconnected with her paternal relatives. Though The Major had passed away, his legacy lived on through stories. Nicky had known that he was a writer linked to Superman, but there were gaps in the narrative.

With a background in publishing and a Master’s in Classical Greek Mythology, Nicky was equipped for deep research. Her quest to uncover The Major’s life and works led her across the U.S. and abroad, from East Tennessee to Europe and Cuba. She dove into archives from Harvard University to the Library of Congress. She read the 153 pulp adventure stories he wrote, many of which were unknown even to her family. Now, Nicky is closely studying her grandfather’s involvement in comic magazines and even writes comic scripts herself, fueling her own lifelong love for comics that began with early favorites like Pogo.


Nicky at Sloppy Joe’s in Havana, Cuba in 2016 researching comics’ history.

Throughout her life, Nicky has been a storyteller. From childhood plays starring her siblings to off-Broadway productions and her exploration into mythology across various cultures. Whether it was a daring solo trip to China right after the Cultural Revolution or a search for ancient shrines in Italy, Nicky’s adventures and studies have deeply influenced her. But her most personal project has been piecing together The Major’s narrative — a journey that, in many ways, has also been a discovery of herself. After all, understanding our ancestors helps us better understand ourselves.

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